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Your life is too valuable to put in the hands of just anyone. Let our experienced team give you the care you deserve and the peace of mind in knowing you have the very best on your side. 

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Routsis Hardy-Cooper combines the skills & talents of the west coasts finest lawyers to provide legal representation for you you and/or your loved ones.

Criminal Law

John B. Routsis is a 3 time recipient of consumer business review’s Northern Nevada Attorney of the Year award and has earned the right to be designated as, “Burning Man’s Preferred Lawyer.”


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Family Law

Sarah F. Hardy-Cooper is one of only 41 Nevada Board Certified Family Law Specialists in the state of Nevada and serves as the treasurer for the Family Law Executive Counsel
& is a member of the National Justice Association

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When it comes to your legal representation, we promise to always be fair and honest with you.

We want you to know everything about what you’re going through; what your options are and what your possible next steps are. 

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About Us

At RHC, we are aware of the everlasting impact both family and criminal law cases have on our clients’ lives. With Mr. Routsis exclusively focused on criminal defense, Ms. Hardy-Cooper only representing family law clients, and over 30 years of combined legal experience, we rarely encounter an issue we have not seen before. You too will have that knowledge and know what to expect at every step of your case. While we cannot promise a certain outcome, we will zealously pursue the best course of action to protect your rights.


[ I had] peace of mind because I was surrounded by honest, professional, knowledgeable and capable people handling my case. I was relieved that the RHC staff was behind me, ready to protect and represent my rights at the most professional level.

John Routsis and his competent law assistants including Josie Saladis and Allie were so helpful, friendly, that it made it a joy to be a client. Fears were erased! Mr. Routsis was honest with me, and thought up solutions to my legal issues that won! His successful perception was contagious…. Thank You so much, John Routsis, and Josie Saladis, and the rest of the crew!

Thank you for everything!

I still can’t believe this and it doesn’t feel real that it’s just gone now. Lately, I have been learning that the life you create is simply based off the decisions you make. There is one decision I am so happy I made, hiring you.

I am in your debt for life my friend

I think when I turned to you after the judge dismissed me from the courtroom, with or without a mask, you could see in my eyes what your support and help meant to me. It’s been a very scary and rough ride and very harrowing mission but i’m so glad I made it and so glad I have you and your legal team behind me. 

Without you I would have spent the entirety of my 50's in prison

I want to thank you and your team for the work and outcome you provided on my case. It is appreciated more than I know how to express. It was a tremendous stress and the anxiety weighed on my thoughts 24 hours a day. It’s an incredible relief, and a somewhat surreal feeling to know that it is over and done with. I could not have asked for a better outcome than the one you gave me. Every day I live free is a genuine gift from you, John. 

The world is lucky to have someone as giving as you are. Don't ever stop.

Thank you so much for the help you provided me related to the Burning Man Citation. This note may be a little delayed but I have not stopped thinking about how grateful I was and continue to be that I found you. 

Thank You

We would like to thank you for all the time and effort you put into our case. 

Your work was critical for the final outcome and we cannot thank you enough.
Happy holidays!

You have been a huge angel in my life!

It’s close to the New Years once again! I do not know where to start.. you have been a huge angel in my life in 2019. NYE I was arrested… I was looking at years in prison. I lost my [job].
Today I am a college graduate and a very great engineer with the path of becoming a project manager soon!

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