Oct 19 2012

Medical Marijuana in Nevada

Know State Law

There are laws in place that allow marijuana for medical purposes in certain states; however, obtaining it, possessing it, distributing it, and growing it bring about other legal questions and liabilities. There is no legal standard across the country despite states approving medical usage; marijuana is still prosecutable under Federal Law. Traveling through states, you can find yourself in trouble even if they allow medical marijuana.  A California medical marijuana card is not valid in Nevada.  Caution must be taken to follow the medical marijuana laws set forth by your state and refrain from possessing and using medical marijuana while traveling.

Nevada State Medical Marijuana Law

NRS 453A defines the law for medical usage of marijuana in Nevada.  If you are not an authorized caregiver or have a medical marijuana prescription and license, growing, possessing, and distributing marijuana is illegal.  For medical purposes, the patient or caregiver can have one dose, up to an ounce, on their person and have a grand total of seven plants in their possess, of which only three can be mature and four immature.  By exceeding these amounts, a patient/caregiver is in violation of the Nevada medical marijuana law and can be charged with criminal drug possession.

Click here for more information on registering for a medical marijuana license.

Fighting for Medical Marijuana Reform!

Obtaining marijuana in Nevada for medical purposes can be difficult.  Currently, the responsibility falls to the patient/caregiver to maintain their own supply of marijuana for medical purposes.  As many patients prescribed marijuana are elderly, another method of legally obtaining marijuana is desperately needed.

Assemblyman Steven Brooks is pushing to get medical marijuana law reformed as it failed to properly give patients legal ways to obtain marijuana for medical purposes.  “We need to have a way for people to get it, and not just off the street,” he added. “Our law is broken.”

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