Jan 6 2013

DUI: Once is Too Much (When You’ve Had One Too Many)

Nevada is known for having a very active nightlife. Both downtown Reno and Las Vegas see tourists and locals come out by the thousands to enjoy the unique nightlife offered in these two late-night cities. As a result, Nevada ranks as one of the highest states in the nation for alcohol consumption per capita. But, when the party is over and it is time to get back home or to the hotel room, the car keys are best left in your pocket; Nevada is not tolerant of drinking and driving.

In Nevada, you can be found guilty of a DUI if your blood alcohol content is greater than .08%. This level can be easily exceeded and there is almost no safe amount to drink before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. Once detected, first time DUI recipients in Nevada can expect a variety of fines and possible jail time. Here are how first-time DUI charges typically breakdown in our state:

1st Drunk Driving Conviction in Nevada

  • Jail – From 2 Days to 6 Months, and/or 48 Hours community service minimum
  • Fine – From $400 to $1,000
  • License Suspension – 90 Days
  • Restricted License Possible After Half of Revocation is Served
  • Ignition Interlock Device (May be Required for Restricted License)
  • DUI School Tuition – $150 (Average Cost)
  • DUI Program or Treatment- 8 Hours to 1 Year
  • Court CCP Program

If arrested for a DUI, a knowledgeable attorney can generally help you avoid a few of the punishments listed here. Of course, there are also preventative options to ensure you avoid the conviction: don’t drink, find a designated driver or take a cab. The last two options are most effective when arrangements are made at the beginning of the night and are not left to the last minute (after everyone in your party has been drinking).

Remember, Nevada is strict when it comes to enforcing drinking and driving laws. The state is full of officers who take their jobs very seriously. So, the next time you decide to head downtown for an event, a cocktail or a “crawl,” make plans for getting home beforehand, and avoid getting behind the wheel.

I’m an experienced DUI lawyer licensed in Nevada and California, and I’m confident I can provide expert representation for your case. A former deputy district attorney in Washoe and Los Angeles counties, I’ve gained an insider’s view of what must happen in order to provide superb criminal defense regarding your charge of driving under the influence.


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