Aug 7 2013

Tired of dealing with your family law issues? Take a Hike!

     Are you tired of dealing with your family law issues this summer?  Take a Hike!  Literally!

One of the best ways to relieve stress from your daily life is to go outside and enjoy the beautiful Sierra Nevadas.  This can also be an inexpensive and healthy way to bond with your self and/or your kids during the slow, tiring processes of divorce and child custody.  It’s great exercise, fun for everyone, and the temperatures are cooler in the higher elevations, so it’s great way to beat the heat!

For those of you who live in the Reno/Sparks area, a short trip up to the Lakes Basin Recreation Area is a great place do some day hiking.  Located on Gold Lake Highway 10 miles from Graeagle, CA, the Lakes Basin Campground is a good place to park and get on the trails.  They have a parking area for day hiking, as well as an excellent campground.  The mileage between the lakes is fairly short, and the trails are easy enough for children 4 and up to do, so you can visit several lakes in one hike.

We know that family law issues are tough.  Divorce and child custody are hard topics to deal with for everyone.  With today’s economic situation, trips to amusement parks and other vacation destinations are more  stressful on parents (on both sides) and their pocketbooks.

Whether you have children or not, consider a day trip to go hiking and get to know yourself again.

Plumas County Wildflower and waterfall Hikes.


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