Assault and Battery

In Nevada, assault is an attempt to commit bodily harm on another, coupled with the ability to do so. In California, an assault can be charged where there is also bodily injury. Battery is a willful and unlawful use of force or violence against another person. Even law abiding citizens, who have never been in trouble in the past, can be charged with a form of battery based on inconclusive and incomplete evidence. This in and by itself, does not mean you cannot be wrongfully convicted. Regretfully, sometimes in court, the truth does not always set you free, only a good attorney can accomplish that.

Whether facing assault and or battery charges, you need an experienced attorney to defend your position. Consequences of these charges can include substantial fines and incarceration, or both depending on the circumstances. They can affect your life for many years to come and could hinder future opportunities.

John B. Routsis will evaluate your case and develop the best strategy to have your charges dropped or your penalties minimized. If you are innocent, there is no reason for you to be punished and Mr. Routsis will strongly advocate for your rights. Assault and battery defenses also include self-defense or defense of another. There are many reasons that this alleged crime could have been committed and if there was a legitimate reason this could be a legal defense, regardless of whether the battery was committed.