Best DUI Lawyer in Reno, John Routsis

In order to minimize the impact when accused of driving under the influence, you need the best DUI Lawyer in Reno to speak on your behalf. In Reno, DUI lawyer John B. Routsis from the Law Offices of Routsis Hardy-Cooper can provide expert representation for your case. He is a former deputy district attorney in Washoe and Los Angeles counties, so he has an insider’s view of what must happen in order to provide superb criminal defense regarding your charge of driving under the influence, herein after referred to as DUI. He also has extensive knowledge in dealing with the Department of Motor Vehicles in addition to successful experience in dealing with DMV issues.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or other prohibited or controlled substances can have serious consequences that include, but are not limited to: jail time, fines, license revocation or restrictions, court mandated programs, community service, ignition interlock devices and expensive insurance requirements.

Nevada has a Diversion program in place for felony DUI offenders. This program includes evaluation, supervision, monitoring, counseling, interlock device and testing. If this program is completed successfully, the case will be reduced to a second time offense. There will be no felony citation on your record. Mr. Routsis is extremely knowledgeable with these programs and has a tremendously high success rate of avoiding incarceration for his clients.

Call today if you have questions and concerns in Reno. A DUI lawyer with the Law Offices of Routsis Hardy-Cooper is ready to take on your case.