Child Custody Mediation

Child custody mediation is a non-antagonistic practice where the mediator meets with the parties to help determine the best custody situation. If you are looking to establish or modify child custody or visitation, it is generally wise to consult with a family law attorney. An experienced attorney is skilled in dealing with the complicated court system and can work to protect your relationship with your child.

Through Sarah’s career, mediation has proven to be the most effective means of reaching amicable agreements. This process results in productive conversation that reduces stress on the family facing this delicate situation. Under the condition that the parents can reach a decision without involvement of the court, this procedure establishes a mutually beneficial working relationship for co-parenting in the future.

Sarah will work tirelessly to reach a resolution that benefits your children. She will encourage and guide you to find solutions that will result in a healthy environment for your family. The best outcomes are always the ones where the parents can cooperate and not put the children in the middle of a dispute that would cause them grief. Sarah’s specialty is being honest and up front with her clients to produce an optimistic outlook that guides a forward momentum.