Child Support

Child support is the periodic payment made for the financial care of children of a marriage or relationship that has been dissolved. The right to child support includes implementation and enforcement measures that are internationally recognized. Factors considered in child support calculations include: how much you earn, how much the other parent earns, how many children you have and what percentage of time the children spend with each parent. While specific guidelines apply to the determination of the amount of child support you will receive, it is still important to carefully consider your individual situation. Child support guidelines can be confusing and without the help of an experienced family law attorney, it is likely you will end up paying or receiving an unfair amount.

Child support calculations can become increasingly complex if you have extenuating circumstances. These cases could include, but are not limited to: children with special needs, unique or custom designed arrangements, high asset divorces, or if you or your spouse’s income is difficult to determine. When presented with these challenging situations it is even more important that you seek committed counsel.

Sarah Hardy-Cooper is a practical attorney who wants the best for you and your children. Sarah is dedicated to making sure you are treated fairly in your individual case whether the parties settle their issues or they are decided by the court, should your case go to litigation. She will strive to get problems solved efficiently, demand fair results, and give you straight answers. You can trust, with Sarah on your team, you will receive the best treatment for yourself and for your family.