Drug Offenses

When you need a Reno drug defense lawyer for criminal offenses, John B. Routsis at the Law Offices of Routsis Hardy-Cooper is the one call you should make. Being an attorney who offers help to the organization NORML, he has a clear understanding of drug charges, the legalization of marijuana and the implications of possession charges.

Mr. Routsis has extensive experience in marijuana cases. He also has extensive experience in drug interdiction cases. Mr. Routsis has been successful in getting cases dismissed or reduced for the following charges:

  • Manufacturing: It is a crime to produce illegal controlled substances that require the use of certain chemicals and laboratory equipment in their production.
  • Drug Trafficking: Generally refers to possession, sale and/or distribution of illegal drugs. Penalties for convictions of this crime vary on the quantity of the controlled substance involved in the transaction. The crime can be either Federal or State.
  • Possession: Possession refers to willfully possessing any illegal controlled substances or chemicals used in drug manufacturing. There are two types of charges: simple possession refers to small quantities, while larger amounts may result in a charge of possession could be considered trafficking.
  • Paraphernalia: Drug paraphernalia is generally defined as a variety of items used to introduce illegal substances into the body. Paraphernalia also includes items from bindles to pipes and numerous items in between.

If charged, trust Reno drug defense lawyer Mr. Routsis from the Law Offices of Routsis Hardy-Cooper today for a consultation to discuss your circumstances.