Expert Reno Drug Defense Lawyer Discusses Drugs & DUI’s

John Routsis is an accomplished criminal defense attorney and partner at the firm of Routsis Hardy-Cooper, where he provides vigorous legal representation to a diverse array of clients. In the following series, Routsis discusses some timely topics in the fields of drug and DUI law, and offers insight into selecting an expert attorney.

How Do You Deal with a DUI in CA or NV?

DUI’s are complicated and potentially damaging to your personal life and professional career. In this article, a DUI attorney discusses what to look for when selecting an lawyer for your case.

Is Marijuana Legal in Nevada?

Marijuana occupies an odd place on the law books. In this article, a Nevada drug defense lawyer talks about the unique position of the substance in the state.

How to Select a Drug Defense Lawyer

There’s no shortage of lawyers in America, but finding a dedicated and competent litigator can be a different story. Read on for some sound pointers for finding a top-notch criminal defense attorney.