Family and Domestic Violence

Domestic violence occurs between family members or partners and can involve emotional, physical, sexual, or child abuse. Domestic violence can even include platonic roommates. It can range from physical to psychological victimization or dominance. Both the accused abuser and the victims have specific rights under the law. Since these cases tend to be so emotionally charged, they also tend to be quite intricate and involve many circumstances that need to be properly evaluated. If you have been charged with a domestic violence crime, it is imperative that you seek qualified counsel.

Emotional abuse aims to diminish or dominate the victim through words or psychologically damaging actions such as: threats of violence, stalking, harassment, constant negative criticism, name-calling, humiliation, or attempting to control the victim’s actions, freedoms or environment.

Physical abuse can include, but is not limited to: kicking, hitting, punching, beating, striking with an object, pushing, forcing a person into an enclosed space, and even extremely violent acts such as shooting or stabbing the victim.

Sexual abuse is essentially inappropriate sexual advances that can include: unwanted sexual advances or lewd comments, rape and coercion, forced sex acts, physical assault, exposure to unwelcome pornography, or forcing a child to engage in sex acts are all considered sexual abuse.

Child abuse can include any of the above charges where the victim is a minor child. It is important to note that forcing a child to witness domestic violence can result in charges of child endangerment. Even though the abuse may not be aimed at the child, it can have dramatic psychological effects and result in post traumatic stress disorder, and/or other mental and emotional complications.

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