John Routsis: Recent Case Results

In regards to my representation, my clients, and criminal matters, I am fully aware that your life hangs in the balance when being charged with a criminal offense. What I can clearly state is, even though there is no guarantee in a particular result, I am confident that my proven results are exemplary. I also believe that my skills are superior to any other lawyers practicing criminal defense in the Northern Nevada and California area. Please do not take my word for it, below you may review my recent results in criminal cases in which I was retained in the 2009, 2010 and 2011 calendar years. Again, I cannot promise you an outcome, but I can promise you, as indicated, I will work diligently on your behalf and I will do everything in my power to get the most beneficial results.

Trafficking 1:

In this case, my client was charged with transportation of 44 lbs. of marijuana, and 2.2 lbs. of hashish, which is Level III Trafficking, facing mandatory 10 years to life in prison. He was also charged with Possession for Sale of a Controlled Substance and Transportation which were both felonies. As a result of my representation, my client pled to two gross misdemeanors in which he received a $2000 fine on each and served no jail time. My client was sentenced June 28, 2010.

Trafficking 2:

The charge in this case was Unlawful Transport of a Controlled Substance, a felony, and Possession of a Controlled Substance for Purpose of a Sale. The controlled substance in this case was approximately 10 lbs of marijuana. My client’s felony charges were dismissed. The plea was to two attempted possessions of a controlled substance, gross misdemeanors. The result was a fine only, with no jail time served at the time of his sentencing on February 25, 2010.

Federal Conspiracy:

Client was originally charged with 3 federal counts of Unlawful Conspiracy for growing over 3,000 plants. The co-defendant was charged with possession of firearms. All of these charges faced a maximum of life in prison with 10 years mandatory minimum. The U.S. Attorney’s office agreed to the terms of 37 months prison with time served.

Controlled Substance 1:

Charges: Conspiracy to violate a Controlled Substance Act, Transportation of a Controlled Substance and Principal to Transportation and Trafficking of a Controlled Substance. The client was facing ten years to life in prison. As a result of my representation, the client received no jail time, a diversion program and ultimately, this case will be dismissed.

Controlled Substance 2:

Client was charged with Controlled Substance, Selling to an Undercover Agent. As a result of my representation, this case was ultimately placed on diversion and dismissed. Sentencing was December 16, 2009.

Unlawful Transportation:

My client was charged with Unlawful Transportation of a Controlled Substance (approximately 11 lbs of marijuana). The charges were reduced to a gross misdemeanor. The result was a fine only, with no jail time served.

Felony DUI:

Charge: Second Time Felony DUI, carries a mandatory sentence of 2 to 15 years in Nevada State prison. The client was eventually placed in a diversion program, in which she is currently enrolled. Upon successful completion of the program, the felony will be dismissed.

Trafficking 3:

Two clients from Salt Lake City, Utah were charged with Unlawful Transportation of a Controlled Substance, a felony. They were also charged with Level III Trafficking of a controlled substance, approximately, 27,747 grams or 61 lbs, of marijuana. All charges carried mandatory life sentences. Both cases were dismissed without prejudice on March 25, 2010.

Trafficking 4:

Charges: Transportation of over 28 grams of ecstasy, Level III Trafficking, a felony, with a mandatory sentence of life in prison, with 10 years minimum parole to the board. In this case, the Trafficking offense will be dismissed. The State has agreed to a plea of Possession for Sale and Simple Possession. My client enrolled in a drug treatment program and was placed on probation and when he successfully completes the program the case will be dismissed.

Trafficking 5:

Client was originally charged on January 29, 2010, with Trafficking of a Controlled Substance, a felony, Count I, Trafficking in a Controlled Substance, a felony, Count II, and Unlawful Sale of Controlled Substance, a felony, Count III. After extensive negotiating, I was able to reduce these charges down to 1 charge of Possession of a Controlled Substance. My client was able to enter into a drug diversion program. Once the program is complete the charges will be dismissed.