Long Distance Parenting

Coping with long distance and out of state visitation issues can be emotional and complicated. A proper parenting plan enacted early in the process will lead to a healthier relationship for the child and both parents. Terms that should be considered are: visitation frequency and duration, visitation times, alternating holidays, and transportation as well as telephone call expenses. Ultimately, it is important to maintain a plan that will ensure quality contact with the non-custodial parent.

In these types of situations, Sarah’s goal is to provide support and guidance in determining the best possible plan of action. She will encourage you to sit down with the other parent and go through the checklist below to determine what you both are willing to compromise on. Having this list on hand prior to meeting with Sarah will help her to focus her attention on the areas that need resolution. Once there is an established foundation to work from, Sarah will help you implement a plan that is fair for both parents and most importantly beneficial to the child or children.