Post Nuptial Agreements

Post nuptial agreements generally address the same issues as a prenuptial agreement. It is an arrangement made between spouses, executed after marriage, concerning the rights and responsibilities of both parties upon divorce or the death of one of the spouses. Since Nevada is a community property state, this type of agreement may be advisable should financial or other circumstances drastically change after marriage. Like prenuptial agreements, these contracts can be complicated and technical so it is important for each spouse to retain separate attorneys to ensure the validity and fairness in order for it to be upheld in court.

Sarah Hardy-Cooper takes pride in her skills of drafting post nuptial agreements as a means to uphold the marriage’s trust and confidence. What she brings to the table, as a skilled attorney is compassion, experience and the assurance of the best possible results for your situation. Her focus is not only on drafting the most proficient document, but she will also insure that all assets are disclosed in an effort to come to the reasonable conclusion for both parties.