Sarah’s Testimonials

I actually began litigating my divorce with another local attorney who did not represent my best interests. I switched to Sarah’s firm on the advice of a friend and things turned around immediately. When I first met Sarah, I found her to be surprisingly empathetic to the husband/father side of the conflict. She seemed to understand my concerns and fears without being judgmental. Sarah gave me great advice and kept me sane through a very difficult process. She and her staff treated me as if I was their only client and even took time to know and understand my kids and their concerns. I am very grateful for Sarah Hardy-Cooper and her energy and enthusiasm in turning a bad situation into one where I felt I had control. I highly recommend her services.

I first worked with Sarah Hardy-Cooper when she was with another firm. Her expertise in handling my divorce resulted in what I consider to be an excellent outcome for me. I was so pleased with Sarah’s representation that I brought a follow up issue to her directly at Routsis Hardy-Cooper, knowing that my issue would be handled effectively and efficiently. I do not hesitate to recommend Sarah and her staff for any issues pertaining to divorce and child custody.

I met Sarah Hardy-Cooper after a colleague insisted I have her as my divorce attorney. I knew the day we met, she was going to handle my divorce proceedings. The peace of mind I had surrounded by honest, professional, knowledgeable and capable people handling my case was immeasurable. In my own personal experience of divorce, I felt vulnerable, confused, and overwhelmed. I was relieved that Sarah and her staff were behind me, ready to protect and represent my rights at the most professional level. Sarah is an uncommonly genuine, compassionate, brilliant and patient woman, taking her time to offer quality representation and support to me when I needed it the most. She is motivated by a desire to procure justice for her clients, always with the awareness that the wellness of families and their children are at stake.
Carl H.


When I first sought legal consultation for my divorce proceeding, I didn’t know where to begin, let alone how to differentiate quality legal consultation from the garden variety.  I was overwhelmed in dealing with the circumstances that led up to my separation with my spouse and stressed immensely about the events to follow.  Being a male with a single child in the fold, I assumed I would have a “snowball’s chance in Arizona” on gaining any Temporary Physical/Legal custody of my child, no matter how compelling my evidence to prove its justification.  Hence, I needed an attorney who was going to be 1) Knowledgeable about Family Law with a proven track record, 2) Honest and realistic on advice, and 3) Dedicated to reviewing facts regarding custody, gender notwithstanding and 4) Persistent on follow through.  To my good fortune, Sarah was referred to me by another respected Family Law Attorney who, at that time, wasn’t overly enthusiastic to take on the case. Sarah was described by my former legal consultant as “highly competent” and “a real bulldog”.  In short, Sarah was noted as passionate, dedicated and persistent in ensuring justice to her client was achieved.  From the beginning of my legal consultation with Sarah (and her staff) to present date, I am thankful on a daily basis that Sarah is handling my litigation.  The tumultuous events of the last few months have been handled with considerable quality care, fairness and follow through. Of note, at my CMC hearing, the Family Court Justice  described Sarah as “Honest and fair…a good person”, pointing out also that she is “not your typical attorney”.  In addition, my marriage counselor felt I was “in capable hands” based on his familiarity (indirectly) with Sarah’s legal background and having clients who have used her services.   In conclusion, Sarah has taken the opportunities to meet with me frequently throughout the proceedings to answer any questions that I have, as has her equally qualified Paralegal, Crystal.  I would highly recommend Sarah and her staff to anyone seeking divorce consultation or child custody.


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