Sarah Hardy-Cooper, Family Law Attorney, Nevada Board Certified Family Law Specialist


Sarah’s commitment to her clients:

“I cannot guarantee you a particular result in your case, but I can guarantee you this: I will strive to get problems solved efficiently, demand fair results, and give you straight answers.  I will not hesitate to speak up when someone is not playing fair or when the other side is attempting to pigeonhole my client. At the same time, I will be honest with you about the likelihood of success and what you can do to increase your chances of a positive outcome.”

Sarah’s dedication to the most important people she represents, the children

“I absolutely believe that children are better off having two loving parents than having one; therefore, I encourage all of my clients to work with the other parent to raise their children together cooperatively.  If sharing physical custody is in the best interest of the children, we will seek joint custody.  If it is more appropriate for one parent to be the primary custodial parent, we will seek primary custody, regardless of the parent’s gender.”

More about Sarah:

I am a native of Nevada, albeit the Las Vegas variety. My path to becoming an attorney was quite the convoluted one, and one that at one point did not look like the path I was destined to stay on. As uncanny as it may sound, that all changed when I dove in, head-first to the wild world of family law.

I attended Arizona State University, majoring in Exercise Science and Physiology and obtained almost all of the prerequisite classes to attend medical school. At the time, I thought that one day I would become a physician specializing in sports medicine. That all changed in my third-year at ASU, when I discovered that working with athletes was not what I thought it would be. The physicians I worked with were fairly unhappy with the way their careers were dictated by the insurance industry. Oh yeah, and I also received my first “C”, in Organic Chemistry.

Right around the same time, I was taking a class entitled, “Philosophy of Law.” I had more fun in this class than I ever had before – in a class that is. I spoke to my professor about my disenchantment with sports medicine and general confusion about what to do with my life. Based on my performance in the class, the professor suggested law school. I figured, “Why not?” So I took the appropriate tests, and filled out the applications.

To my surprise, I did well on the tests and was accepted to numerous schools and received several scholarships. I accepted University of San Diego’s invitation because of my love for the area. At USD, I focused my studies and work, on helping disadvantaged people obtain access and representation within the legal system. I know this sounds outrageous, but I loved law school! I’m sure that it has something to do with living a stone’s throw from Mission Beach and doing most of my studying while lying in the sand, but really I just enjoyed helping people solve problems, particularly people who felt that they had run out of options.

After graduating from USD in May of 2000, I took a position at the Nevada Supreme Court in Carson City to work as a law clerk, for then, Chief Justice A. William Maupin. My friends from Las Vegas accused me of “selling out,” and truth be told, I was also a bit worried about whether I would fit in. Fortunately, it didn’t take me any time at all to fall in love with Lake Tahoe, the rest of the Sierras, and all of the outdoor activities that can be had here. I traded my surfboard and a wetsuit for a snowboard and hiking boots.

At the Supreme Court, I worked on all types of appeals including those involving family, criminal, and civil issues. I also spent another year working as an attorney in the Court’s Criminal Division focusing primarily on appeals in capital cases.

Working for the Court was a fantastic experience, but I was ready to move on and had an itch to live in San Francisco so I accepted a position with a litigation firm there. At that firm, I worked on a variety of cases involving claims of medical, chiropractic and nursing malpractice, as well as construction defects. I made some incredible friends in San Francisco, but missed the Tahoe area. I returned to Reno and worked for a firm where I represented a major pharmaceutical company in mass tort litigation. The experience was great because I had the opportunity to “go to battle” on a regular basis, but I wanted something more.

Why family law, you ask? Well, if you remember what I told you a couple of paragraphs ago, the thing that I loved the most about law school was……no, not living at the beach…….. it was helping people solve problems, particularly people who were out of options. In retrospect, family law was a natural fit.  I cut my family law teeth at Marilyn York’s office, but after a few years, I was ready to venture out on my own.

In March of 2009, John Routsis and I opened our own firm, Routsis Hardy-Cooper. John and I are great friends and colleagues; he is a fantastic criminal defense attorney and I am successful and dedicated to family law.  We kid that we hope no one needs our services, but when life hits the fan, we’ll make a great team putting all the pieces back together for you.