Sex Crimes

Sex crimes include all forms of illegal sexual conduct. These charges will have very serious implications and consequences. Most sex crimes include lifetime registration. In Nevada statutory sexual seduction mandates registration, but in some circumstances, it is not registerable in California. The social ramifications of being charged with such a crime can be very damaging to a person’s reputation. It is extremely important to retain a qualified attorney immediately after being accused of a sex crime. This will allow the attorney to properly evaluate the evidence and interview witnesses and make a thorough presentation to the DA’s office, which may result in the case not being filed. Mr. Routsis has been successful with this endeavor in the past. He has also had sex charges dismissed in motions prior to trial.

These charges can range from prostitution, or sex for hire, to rape which is defined as sexual penetration without consent. The most serious sex crimes are sexual assault against a child or crimes that include injury. Other sex crimes include: pornography, voyeurism, public indecency, lewd acts, date rape, statutory rape, solicitation and pandering.

There are many defenses to these types of crimes such as: innocence, insufficient evidence, consent and state of mind of the victim. Mr. Routsis will ensure that the prosecution does not ignore the evidence that is in your favor. He will make sure that all evidence is presented in a proper fashion and will do everything within his power to uncover all of the facts that are pertinent to your case. Mr. Routsis is sincerely concerned with the future of his clients and will not stand for his clients being falsely charged for a crime that was not committed. In these cases, just being charged has grave consequences, so hiring a competent, experienced attorney is paramount.